Tumbleweed Preview, National Geographic


Here are a few images that appeared on Instagram – from our upcoming feature on tumbleweeds for the December, 2013 issue of National Geographic Magazine.

Nat Geo Lecture


View a YouTube excerpt from our Night Gardens lecture at the National Geographic Society.

Nat Geo Magazine: Night Gardens

National Geographic Iran Cover, March 2013

Cover of Iranian National Geographic Magazine March, 2013 issue.  View our online Night Gardens portfolio in Nat Geo.

W.S. Merwin Garden Photos in Audubon Magazine

W.S. Merwin

WS Merwin Garden in Audubon Magazine. We first met William & Paula Merwin in 1996, in their magical garden in Haiku, on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

Night Gardens Exhibition


An exhibition of 41 large lightbox images from our Gardens By Night project will be on display around the National Geographic Society building (1145 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036) from February 15, 2013 until September 8, 2013. Also see the Night Gardens portfolio and The Moment in the March 2013 issue of of National Geographic Magazine online…. more »

Photographer’s Ephemeris: Tracking the Moon


Moonlight has its own soft, romantic poetry, but to get it right when photographing a garden at night requires some hard science.  Six years ago, we learned this the hard way – we were photographing in a private garden, waiting and waiting for the moon to rise above the tree line, but it never did. … more »

Night-blooming Tropical Water Lilies


Most people think flowers need sunlight to open—but not all do. For our upcoming National Geographic story, “Gardens By Night,” we researched night bloomers and assembled a list of ten specimens we hoped to photograph. Many of these open only one night a year. It’s all about patience and planning—and being in the right place… more »

Diane’s Icy Nose


GREENLAND ICE GOLF ASSIGNMENT / Travel & Leisure Golf Magazine We fell in love with Greenland after our first trip there in 1997. In the hopes of getting another job to go back there, we proposed a magazine story on the first ever World Championship Ice Golf Tournament, to be held in Uummannaq, Greenland. Way… more »

Photo by Nina Subin
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